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Bird & Beckett                       Books Inc. - Opera Plaza.        Amazon - Pre-Order Available January

653 Chenery Street               601 Van Ness Avenue             Amazon Kindle - Purchase Now

San Francisco, CA                San Francisco, CA     


Available at all Barnes and Noble and other bookstores throughout the United States in January 2024.             

Now available in all bookstores throughout the United States.            


Straight Talk

How to Survive and Thrive As A Young Man of Color

You tried it your way. You lived by the rules of the street. It got you nowhere. You are depressed, discouraged, and dismayed. It is time to try something new which could change your life. It is time to look deeply into your soul to determine whether you are going to stop hurting yourself by your actions or change course immediately, to be productive and whole.

Integrity is key to becoming a strong, resilient, authentic, young man of color. Building a strong, spiritual foundation will enable you to stay strong, focused, and productive. Living in gratefulness during times of challenge, joy, and accomplishment will aid you in staying on course and accomplishing your spiritual and personal goals.

The choices you make in life will make or break you, so making correct choices is critical. If you make inappropriate choices, you need to acknowledge your mistakes and work hard to get back on track. Praying daily for guidance from God through every decision will open a new world of possibilities. 

You will need to be a man who is committed to excellence and who will not be defeated by problematic life situations. Remember these truths: you are special, loved by God, supposed to be on Planet Earth in this time and place, and destined for greatness if you allow yourself to learn the steps to success.

There is nothing new under the Sun. The issues we face today have existed in the past. I have written this book to share the importance of having a relationship with God, to highlight the wisdom of our elders, and to offer commonsense solutions to the issues facing young men of color in America. I hope this book opens new doors of self-reflection and opportunity for you. 

God bless you as you move forward.

"Dr. Straight Talk"

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