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About Us


We envision empowering individuals in San Francisco and the immediate Bay Area in recognizing and believing in their own abilities, in thinking critically to make wise and healthy choices in their lives, in completing their vocational and academic educational goals, and in succeeding in their goals and aspirations. 





The Mission of the Hunnicutt Foundation is to establish a strong and reputable educational and philanthropic non-profit entity that will deliver innovative, enriched, culturally competent, and viable academic and personal learning opportunities for individuals and which results in successful living practices and activities for students, parents, and the community.


Additionally, the Mission of the Hunnicutt Foundation is to fund activities to help people to thrive and survive in America and globally.



Women & Men







The goals of the Hunnicutt Foundation are to:

1. Investigate and provide thoughtful materials (books/written materials and curricula) to offset the vexing educational and societal problems that are preventing individuals of color, working-class, and poor people from successfully participating in, contributing to, and enjoying upward mobility in America.

2. Provide assistance by partnering with educational, business, and non-profit organizations in developing educational and emotional soft skills necessary for resilience and success.

3. Produce leaders who are proficient, scholarly, connected to each other, and cognizant of the important path and aspects of moving America forward. 

4. Moving America and sustainable communities forward by providing quality educational programs, forums, conversations, and workshops for the public in order to develop supportive, encompassing, and embracive educational and life experiences for all people, regardless of their color, creed, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation.

5. Provide safe environments where youth, adults, and seniors can talk about critical issues in layperson’s language and develop solutions to eliminate/eradicate these problems 

6. Engage people toward positive action on profound matters of importance.

7. Engage people in meaningful discussions and action about critical issues.

8. Invoke, provoke, and engage people in creating positive solutions of our communities.

9. Examine the issues, determine a positive course of action, and move forward to heal the community together. 

10. Develop materials and programs to address community issues.

11. Provide educational, entrepreneurial, and internship activities through the Hunnicutt Foundation for youth.

12. In short, the Hunnicutt Foundation will be in the forefront of exposing that which needs to be exposed and in providing a safe space for finding answers to offset institutionalized racism or anything else that gets in the way of people living lives of joy, peace, purpose, and excellence.

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