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"Dr. Straight Talk" 
Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt


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Straight Talk and straight living mean that you will pay attention to
Psalms 34: 12.

"Do any of you want to live a life that is long and good? Then watch your tongue! Keep your lips from telling lies! Turn away from evil and do good. Work hard at living in peace with others." 

Why Dr. Straight Talk, you ask?

A marketing expert and business advisor friend of mine conversed with me one day, and he suggested that I become Dr. Straight Talk for publicity purposes. He liked the title and content of a book I wrote, "Straight Talk - How to Survive as a Young Man of Color."


We thought this new title would enhance my book sales for my book, The use of the name Dr. Straight Talk would help me to market my ideas about spiritual connections to God and to help people live in joy and peace.


This name would also give me a connection to the community I have worked in for decades. As noted in Merriam Webster's dictionary, the definition of straight talk is speech that is very honest and direct. People connect and have always connected to my straightforward talk, style, and truth-telling. 

I thought my friend's idea had merit, so I became Dr. Straight Talk in workshops sponsored by the Hunnicutt Foundation for the reasons stated above.


As Dr. Straight Talk, I will be leading discussions and sponsoring workshops about real-life issues that impact boys and young men. I will spread the messages in my book about God and living righteously and authentically in a confused and chaotic world.  These ideas and topics of substance, based on actual conversations and work with men, are what young boys and men need.  This spiritual wisdom makes a difference in young men's lives. 

Currently, I am working on the Straight Talk book for girls and young women. I have found that girls, women, and older gentlemen have read my first book, and they have told me that the book was very inspirational, insightful, helpful, and enjoyable to them. 

As God provides opportunities, I will find other ways to help young men and young women, so they can step out and become the leaders we need. I also hope to provide financial support, mentoring, tutoring, work experience, and college stipends for young men AND young women through new programs, so they can matriculate successfully and step into leadership positions.

More Straight Talk would do us all good - in our relationships, our partnerships, and our friendships. 

Dr. Straight Talk


What is Straight Talk?

  • Straight Talk means you can communicate clearly who you are, your issues, your aspirations, and your limitations. You find out that your limitations are eliminated/corrected when you are in a close relationship and connected to God. 

  • Straight Talk means that you can worship God with no regrets because you know God loves you and sent His Son to die for you, so you could be whole/complete/ a loving, and caring person.

  • Straight Talk means that you can forget the past, exercise forgiveness, and use your words to do good things for others and glorify God. 

  • Straight Talk and straight thinking mean you can move forward to do what God has called you to do.

  • Straight Talk results from straight thinking - we don't have to be unhappy. We can be in peace and joy by studying God's word and living it!

  • You can't do straight talk until you learn how to discipline yourself - control your emotions, actions, and your words.


Straight Talk is a mindset, a skill set, and an experience.

  • Mindset: understanding the right questions and system(s) are more powerful than correct answers. 

  • Skillset: The objective is to develop moral, authentic, and marketable abilities that create positive actions and result in straight talk for yourself and others. Straight Talk is an acquired skill, and it gets better with prayer and practice.

  • Experience: Being patient, remaining focused, choosing to continue learning, growing, and functioning with integrity in spite of issues, and welcoming challenges in life to build personal character and strength to move forward.

    • Embracing the experience to get Straight Talk.

    • Realize that offering Straight Talk is an experience. Especially when you use it to bring people together.

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