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Men's Forum

"I will be truthful, I will suffer no injustice, I will be free from fear, I will not use force, I will be of good will to all men."


Mahatma Gandhi

Our men’s program was developed to build a community of interest and social networking platform that enables its members to become effective leaders in society through our guiding principles of intelligence, innovation, influence, impact, and integrity.


The program focuses on the restoration of men in our communities, bringing jobs, housing, life skills, and vocational opportunities; by using the resources available and uniting the services of other organizations and volunteers as a team.


We will challenge all men who seek to enhance the quality of life, inspiring and encouraging men, knowing that all changes made in life, are up to the individual to make them.


Men have become more cognizant of the state of their lives and seek to be connected with other principle-centered men to share knowledge and resources.  The challenges and aspirations that men have today are common across nationalities, ethnicities, religions, and cultures. Boys and men across the globe are being challenged on a variety of fronts.  An inability for men to effectively overcome these challenges can lead to feelings of inadequacy, depression, domestic violence, and civil disobedience.


An experience with the penal system, becoming a teenage dad, dropping out of school, using drugs, or engaging in criminal activity are not rites of passage to becoming a real man.  A real man in any society has vision, purpose, character and adds value to their family and the society at large.


If these life-impacting challenges are handled inappropriately through a lack of awareness and bad decisions, they can potentially undermine an individual’s effectiveness, sabotage their future, and cause them to live a life of mediocrity beneath their natural and spiritual privilege.


Without a conscious and sustainable effort to ensure that boys and men do not become negative social statistics, they remain at risk.  Our program offers a strategic and viable solution for you.  We distinguish and pride ourselves on our commitment to the personal and professional success of all of our participating members regardless of race, creed, color, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.


Our mission is to bring men together to effect change in their lives, families, communities, and countries.  For boys, we fill a tremendous gap when they come out of high-risk environments like broken families and non-progressive communities.  We specifically offer them educational, cultural, and spiritual resources to maximize their maturing into manhood.

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